Howdy, folks.

International project update:  Word just came down that the project proposal was approved by peer review and is recommend to the US State Department for funding.  It’s not a done deal yet, but this is a very positive sign.  The project includes one-month residencies at conservatories in Vilnius (Lithuania), Manchester (UK), and Vancouver (Canada).

Just out:  Nikhil Hogan and I discuss classical improvisation on his podcast The Nikhil Hogan Show.  Listen on YouTube:

I will be presenting at the national conference of the Music Teachers’ National Association in Spokane, Washington, in March.  Topic:  Historical Improvisation and “Standard Repertoire” as Equal Partners in Concert, and also at the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy (Chicago) in summer 2019, presenting at the pre-conference sessions on improvisation.

The manuscript of the improvisation book is done and in the hands of the editors.  They tell me to expect it to come out in 2019.

I’m now starting a second book on fugue improvisation and laying groundwork for an improvisation festival.

Some new video is up on the Classical Improvisation Live page, if you need something to do.