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Improvising Fugue Available Now

Improvising Fugue: A Method for Keyboard Artists was the #1 Best Seller among all music books on Amazon three months prior to its release date in January 2023, and has repeatedly reached #1 New Release status. Available here and here and probably other places.

New Courses at Improv Planet:

Historic Improvisation II: After Furno

“Historic Improvisation II: After Furno” is a new class now available at Improv Planet. Picking up where “Introduction to Historic Improvisation” left off, this course covers all remaining bass motions after those explained in Furno. 44 video lessons (totaling 7 hours) provide the learner with a complete harmonic vocabulary of 18th century music.  The course closely parallels and reinforces the concepts from Chapter 4 of Improvising Fugue, and serves as an ideal companion for those studying the book.

Covering stepwise ascending, stepwise descending, disjunct, and chromatic motions, the series of 44 video lessons engage in detailed study of advanced partimento techniques.

The course is suitable for those who have completed Introduction to Historic Improvisation, or undertaken a thorough study of Furno’s ten partimenti.

The Four Pillars of Piano Technique

“The Four Pillars of Piano Technique” is now open on Improv Planet. This course addresses four areas of technique that are often lacking in pianists, and is especially suitable for teachers who want to understand technical basics better, students who are ready for a higher level of technical proficiency, accompanists who need to think about their own playing for a change, and anyone – young person or adult, amateur or pro – who has begun to notice stress, discomfort, fatigue, or pain while playing the piano. 32 lessons (over six hours of instruction).

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The Pianist’s Guide to Historic Improvisation serves as a course text at many leading conservatories.