Improvisation Symposium

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The musicianship of 18th century keyboard players consisted of flexible, intertwined skills of performing, composing, and improvising. Spontaneous music-making declined during the 19th and 20th centuries, but now an international revival of improvisation-based musical training has begun. By studying the pedagogical approaches of the past, modern performers gain the ability to create coherent, harmonically rich, stylistically legitimate music — on the spot, in front of an audience. The Symposium will show how classical improvisation works, provide resources to start learning independently, suggest pathways for developing improvisational curricula, foster discussion and networking among professionals with shared interests, and present improvised performances in a live concert setting. This event is ideal for collegiate faculty and students as well as interested members of the public.

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Call for Proposals. Due July 1, 2017.

Music faculty and students are cordially invited to submit proposals for presentations or performances. Presentations must address issues of the theory, practice, and pedagogy of classical improvisation. Presentations are limited to 25 minutes. Performances must include “classical” improvisation from any historical period (or the present), and are limited to 10 minutes. Proposals should include a 250-word abstract and the proposer’s CV. Email proposals to or use the contact form on this site.