I offer workshops and masterclasses at college music departments and academic conferences. I teach improvisation rooted in historically-researched 17th and 18th century styles.

Sample topics include:

1. Small Ensemble Classical Improvisation for All Music Majors.

Using the 17th and 18th century practice of playing divisions upon a ground bass, this workshop introduces music majors to an enjoyable and accessible form of improvisation. Playing divisions is the easiest form of beginning improvisation, and works very well for all music majors, including vocalists.

2. Improvisation for Classical Pianists.

Drawing upon material from my forthcoming book, this workshop demystifies entry-level keyboard extemporization for classical pianists who have never improvised before. Students encounter a non-threatening, step-by-step method of building simple preludes in Baroque style, in any major or minor key.

3. Advanced Improvisation for Classical Pianists.

A follow-up to the session listed above, this workshop delves into more complex issues of keyboard improvisation such as toccata style, modular diminution, and schemata.

4. Piano Masterclass.

A traditional masterclass with focus on standard repertoire, fluent piano technique, and imaginative interpretation.

5. Classical Improvisation Concert for All Music Majors

A public event for music departments in which your students take the stage to demonstrate their newfound improvisational abilities. Designed to be combined one of the improvisation workshops listed above.

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