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New Course: 19th Century Preluding

I’d like to let you know about something new I created over on Improv Planet. It’s a course on how to improvise preludes in the style of the early 19th century. The practice of “preluding”, or introducing written compositions with short improvised introductions, thrived at the beginning of the Romantic period. Pianists would almost always prelude before presenting any substantial composition. This course surveys the primary instructional books from the time and lays out practical steps toward building ones own skills in preluding. Visit the new Improv Planet site at

Join us for the Fortepiano Salon Series!

Join me and my friends Nicola Canzano and Yiheng Yang (both extraordinary performers on early keyboard instruments) on the International Fortepiano Salon, live-streaming on January 29. It’s free, but registration is required. Check it out.

The Fugue Book is Done!

Yes. All 500 pages. Titled Improvising Fugue: A Method for Keyboard Artists, it begins with a very deep study of partimento, imitation, and invertible counterpoint. Then it goes into techniques of improvising fugue, drawing upon a vast range of literature and the fugue d’école tradition of the Paris Conservatoire. Expected release date is October 2022, with Oxford University Press.

Short radio feature on Cincinnati’s WGUC.

Now released: A new album of live recordings. “Historic Improvisation Live” is a collection of sixteen improvisations recorded in concerts in Europe and America. This digital-only release is available on all major streaming and downloading services:

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The Guardian/Observer published an interview with me recently. We discuss my book, the current state of historic improvisation, and music pedagogy in UK and USA. 

Note Doctors Podcast.  A show about music theory pedagogy.

New podcast interview on The Nikhil Hogan Show.

The Pianist’s Guide to Historic Improvisation made its debut as the #1 New Release in both the Piano and Music Instruction categories on Amazon. It is currently the world’s best-selling book in the field of historic keyboard improvisation, and serves as a course text at many leading conservatories.