Howdy, folks. Here’s the latest:

With pleasure I can announce that I have received a Fulbright Global Scholar Award. Funded by the US State Department, this award will support my next three international tours.  The project includes one-month residencies at conservatories in Vilnius (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre), Manchester, UK (Royal Northern College of Music), and Vancouver, BC (University of British Columbia School of Music). Dates and further details to come.

Great news! Our March 16 benefit concert for Safe Harbor House raised over $5500! I am deeply grateful to the audience and donors (including Improv Planet members) who generously gave to support Safe Harbor’s work with women who have been affected by drugs, prison, human trafficking, and other forms of trauma. Safe Harbor rescues people and change lives every day. Well done, everyone!

If you’re here looking for resources for your own progress as an improviser, join us at Improv Planet on Patreon. Improv Planet is an online school of historic improvisation. Six new videos (about three hours of instruction and demonstration) come out every month.

Once again I’ll speak and perform at the Historic Performance Institute at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music in May. Topic: Tributaries of Neapolitan Keyboard Improvisation: Francesco Durante’s Regole d’accompagnamento, Partimenti diminuiti, and Esercizio ovvero sonata per organo.

Also presenting at the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy (Chicago) in summer 2019 at both the pre-conference sessions and the main conference. Topic: Six Rainy-Day Activities for Baroque Improvisation.

The manuscript of the improvisation book is done and in the hands of the editors.  They tell me to expect it to come out in summer 2019.