Selected peer-reviewed publications:


“The Pianist’s Guide to Classical Improvisation.” Forthcoming with Oxford University Press.

    Piano Pedagogy Articles

“Piano Pedagogy and Physical Disabilities: Teaching Students with Tendonitis/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Compression Neuropathy, Hypermobility, and Blindness.” Currently under review.

“Creating Community in the Studio for College Music Majors.”
American Music Teacher June/July 2016

“Remediating Performance Aversion in Piano Students: From Narratives of Failure to Narratives of Progress.” Piano Pedagogy Forum Vol. 17/1, January 2016

“Learning by Listening to Recordings of Great Artists.” Clavier February 2002: 11-13, 45.

    Book Reviews

Book Review: Burgmüller, J.F.F., “25 Progressive Studies, Opus 100.” Edited by Margaret Otwell. American Music Teacher September/October 2015

Book Review: Hodson, Robert, “Interaction, Improvisation, and Interplay in Jazz” by Robert Hodson and “Keith Jarrett’s The Köln Concert” by Peter Elsdon.    College Music Symposium Vol 55, April 2015

Book Review: Sinn, D. R., “Beyond the Notes: A Pianist’s Guide to Musical Interpretation.” College Music Symposium May 2013

    Published Recordings

Audio Recording: Warkentin, Larry. “Sonata No. 2.”
College Music Symposium Audio Performance Archive, Vol 54, January 2015

Audio Recording: Bach, J.S., (arr. Ferruccio Busoni). “Chaconne in D Minor.”
College Music Symposium Audio Performance Archive, Vol 54, August 2014

    Historical Articles

“The Power of Bauer.” International Piano September/October 2005: 28-34.

“Memories of Harold Bauer as a Teacher.” International Piano September/October 2005: 34.

“Out of Adversity.” International Piano January/February 2004: 50-57